Soul Gazing Mayor Digong Duterte

Digong darling- is this true what I hear?

They say you’ve retreated from this fight to get our country back from the greedy, shitty, heartless. soulless bastards in office who’ve stolen our country from us– those who live like vulgar kings while millions of our kababayan scrounge in garbage cans for food to feed their children.
(Hear that, Digong? The bastards you were gonna make into fish food heaved a collective sigh of relief. TSK.)

They say all you want to do now is retire in peace and contentment. Nothing wrong with that, Digong– specially if one has gone over and beyond the call of duty as you have.

It’s just not you, Digong.

The Digong I know has dates with destiny that he heeds and keeps and takes himself to the edge then without fear, jumps off taking no hostages. Sorry for the mixed metaphors, Digong. It’s just that I am beside myself with disbelief.

The Digong I know, when faced with a fork on the road, takes but a split second to answer a question he’s asked and answered many times over in his life –“Which road enlarges me and which road diminishes me?”– and without hesitation , chooses the path of immortality.

The Digong I know knows safety and security and pension plans are not what we’re here for. And the Digong I know does not include safety in his calculations– specially not when it comes to the oppressed and the downtrodden.

The Digong I know will not rest easy when he knows he is needed and when he can do so much to correct what is wrong, and the Digong I know goes for it with all he’s got– transgressing boundaries that have long been transgressed by this country’s oppressors — transgressions they’ve used to keep our country of decent, hard working people stuck and us,so unable to keep in step with the global community and that have kept the poor trapped in the deadly cycle of severe generational poverty they are so unable to get out of.

The Digong I know is not a man for whom safety and contentment hold any appeal. The Digong I know has immortality embedded in his soul and will heed the call to greatness.

So today I hear you said no to this call to greatness and immortality– a call that has this very real potential for future generations of Filipinos and Filipinas to whisper your name like a prayer of thanksgiving for turning this country around.

Say it isn’t so, Digong.


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