Crude Rude Rody

Mayor Duterte has done it again–brought the hypocrites out of the woodwork with his very public sharing of the sordid details of his affairs.
Frankly, I wish he’d just shut up about his personal life because I don’t think it’s any of our business—-just something between him and whoever and if he believes in god, well factor him in too.
But oddly enough, in a field where lies and subterfuge are the norm, this presidential candidate would like us to know him. Really know him.
“Kilalanin nyo ang pagkatao ko.”, he says. And he doesn’t force us to vote for him. If you don’t like what you see, don’t vote for me. Simple. He says so himself.
I like that he doesn’t insult our intelligence with palsy-walsy moves with with the masa yet cares NOTHING for them like Mar Roxas and in the process earns our derision and our scorn–and rightfully so. And I like that he’s not a plunderer who shamelessly lies to us.
“Kilalanin nyo pagkatao ko.”
I have been in the same room with Mayor Duterte and he is an outrageous flirt. But he’s not some scum bag who won’t take no for an answer nor someone who lies about who he is. He says, “Here I am, take me as I am or not at all. Kung ayaw mo, ok lang. Sport ako.”
And I give him points for that because I have met men and women who lie through their teeth about who they are and pretend to be someone they’re not to get what they want from you—then cover it all up with a veneer of respectability and piety.
But I like that Mayor Duterte seems to be missing the chip that is present in politicians–and in huge doses too–the chip that makes them lie about who they really are.
I wish all human beings who have the temerity to ask us for our trust were born without this chip as well.
Then Jojo Binay would go, “Oo isa akong magnanakaw.”
And Mar Roxas would go, “Kahit ano gagawin ko para sa boto mo. Kahit dilaan ko pa talampakan mo. Please? Pero boto mo ako ha? Pramis?”
And Grace Poe would go, “Americana talaga ako sa isip, sa salita at sa gawa.”
And Miriam would go, “I need to have my medications adjusted.”
And Bongbong? “Pinakamalaking uto uto sa mundo mga Pilipino kaya iboboto nyo ako uli –isang mandarambong!”
And Honasan would go, “Pano ba ako napasali dito? Bumibili lang ako ng suka sa tindahan no.”
Digong Duterte is base and crude, yes. And he makes no pretensions to the contrary.
Compare that with the smooth liars and thieves he is up against in the presidential derby who put on robes of respectability and insult your intelligence with bare faced lies that we’ve had to deal with for decades now. Factor that in and Digong doesn’t even come close.
Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t.
So now we know.
He doesn’t buy million dollar mansions for his mistresses with GUESS WHOSE money nor does he give them platinum credit cards to shop with to their heart’s content with GUESS WHOSE money nor does he provide them with body guards and limousines and nannies paid for by GUESS WHOSE money.
And all those screams of protest because he cursed the pope gets no rise from me either. Yes it has a lot to do with me not being Catholic –nor even Christian (Been there, done that. Not ever going there again.)
And as a consequence of that awakening, there are no sacred cows in my life and I just see everyone as EQUAL and I am not in awe of anyone (except Mick Jagger and Robert Plant, ok.)
And the dogma of papal infallibility is something I think is weird and impractical and not something I’ve ever bought into –even when I was the good Catholic girl –10 lifetimes ago.
And the context was TRAFFIC. This traffic that is the bane of our lives. This traffic that makes us all want to kill, with our bare hands, the nincompoops in charge of solving it–the ones we’ve cursed over and over in our hearts, minds and souls. So I could give him a pass because he just said what some of us, non-Catholics (and possibly even Catholics), who’ve had to suffer through those inconveniences may have said in our minds.
I think what is way more obscene–and by a million leagues too– is the rounding up of the poor during the papal visit so the pope hardly saw any of them.
That is what should be tying you up in knots.
Not a crude dude with a foul mouth who’s just as annoyed as you are about the mismanagement of traffic by the bunch of clowns we have the monumental misfortune of having as leaders.
In the greater scheme of things, that doesn’t amount to much than, say, plunder that brings down an entire nation.
My 2 cents.

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