Through The Fire

Out of the 10 closest girlfriends I have, 9 of us have, at some point in our lives, been sexually assaulted. Some of us, repeatedly. By priests, uncles, stepbrothers, cousins, teachers,”friends”, total strangers.

This is what it’s like to be girl/woman in this world.

And it’s what’s made me feminist even as a young girl: when I finally figured the whole thing out: this rape culture that the patriarchy enables and that we all enable when we look away.

And think that words mean nothing.

And laugh at un-funny jokes.

So perish the thought that I will ever side with Digong Duterte here.

The indefensible cannot be defended. Full stop.

(Neither do I side with those who feign compassion for Jacqueline Hamill then post a photo of her body in the morgue. On one hand they heap scorn over Duterte’s gutter mouth then practice gutter politics themselves. Stop it, you guys. So unnecessary.)

I watched the whole interview though where he recounts the whole incident that happened in 1989.

And one thing in this clip strikes me. (Besides the libreng t-shirt he’s wearing: ‘Industrial Carbon Technology’ it says.)

When he sees a 3 month old baby who has been separated from her mother and is in a weakened state, he offers himself up in exchange for this baby.

“Let the baby go and take me instead.” This is what he says. And the baby is set free and he is taken hostage.

And I have no reason to believe Rodrigo Duterte is lying about this because for all the things you can pin on Rodrigo Duterte, ‘liar’ would not be one of them.

In fact so many of us who’d like to vote for him, wish he’d shut up about his truths already. They rankle and they make you want to ask him, “Do you want my vote or WHAT?”

So there, dudes.

For those who are mystified and have gotten all huffy and puffy about why anyone would vote for this crude, rude man, let me present you with this one compelling reason:

Digong Duterte would put his life on the line for you.

Can you think of any other candidate who would do this and say this without any cameras present: “Take me instead?”

No, right?

Certainly not the oligarch whose lily white hands must not be dirtied by touching the smelly, dirty poor. The poor who only exist for him when he needs their votes. Pang photo-op lang.

Digong Duterte does not look away.

He takes a long hard look at life’s dark underbelly and dances with the devil.

A man well-acquainted with his own shadows. Someone who does not lie to himself about who he is.

With the soul of a poet, he quotes the William Ernest Henley classic, “Invictus”:

“I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.”

I made those calls. Hit me. No blaming others. No excuses.

Yes, his methods are crude. And they scare me for their lack of finesse.

But I could give this man my precious trust because he will go through the fire for me and lay down his life for me.

And this, my friends, is why Digong Duterte is top of the presidential heap right now (I dunno for how long though, given his big mouth): People have grown tired of a callous government that cares nothing for them.

If you listen long enough, you will hear this.

Better this man and his crude methods–his rude, dirty mouth over the oligarchs, the ruling elite for whom the poor are nothing but either monumental nuisances or votes –depending on which season we’re in.

Digong Duterte will go for them where all the others simply won’t.

That is his track record.

He stands and falls on it.


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