What If?

What if this man who catcalls
says putangina mo pope/media/UN/bishops/nyong lahat
fuck you/fuck you/fuck you/don’t fuck with me

has the political will, the smarts, the heart, the soul

to make the FOI bill a reality (the one we’ve been fighting tooth and nail for)
makes RH services available to every Filipino who needs it (the one we’ve been fighting tooth and nail for–FOR DECADES)
brings home the Lumad (the one we’ve been fighting tooth and nail for)
creates jobs so OFWs can go home now to the loving embrace of their families
makes farmers and fisherfolk a lot more independent so they don’t march to the streets begging for food (like that other administration did)
gives our retirees that extra 2k instead of turning it down (the one we’ve been fighting for)
drastically cuts down criminality so our children and all of us live in safer spaces (like we’ve been doing for decades now)
shortens those MRT lines so no one waits for 3 hours to ride a train (like we’ve been doing for years now)
commits PAGCOR earnings to health care, education and then follows through

brings peace so our brothers and sisters who are Muslims, Leftists, Communists, whatever -ists exists in this country of a million and one ‘ists, get a seat in the table that they’ve not been invited to for decades now

stops the destruction of our environment by greedy businessmen who collude with greedy politicians

upholds LGBT rights
upholds Women’s rights
stops corruption in media
stops corruption in government

stops the constant meddling of organized religion with government policy that sentences millions to live lives of utter and abject and generational poverty

makes lives better for millions upon millions of severely impoverished Filipinos,

will that make you stop obsessing about that fucking catcall and analyzing it in its minutiae?

Will it make you look past the potty mouth
the rude, crude ways, the earthy humor?

And will it stop you from insisting that he be someone other than who he is, reduced to a size that’s easier for you to swallow, hammered shut in that box you want him to fit in because it’s just more comfortable for you—complete with those maddening superficialities of social graces and faux pieties you think presidents must have so you sleep better at night?

Or will you see this for what it is:

The possible ushering in of a new day for our tired, tired country.
The chance we’ve been waiting for so our country, finally, steps out of the Dark Ages and into the light of the 21st century.
A country of citizens who live dignified lives instead of this groveling posture of the powerless we’re so used to?

Will it?

If it won’t, step aside as we who are more than willing to work for all that roll up our sleeves, work alongside the new President.

Our Country’s rebirth is at hand and we eagerly await it.

You’re getting in the way.

*photo from politico.com.ph


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