Two Different Things

The President told us 2 things recently and I think a lot of us are stuck and up in arms because we need this further clarified: that the President told us 2 things.

#1. Leila de Lima had a lover—her driver. And that she is an adulterer and an immoral woman.

#2. That this driver had strong ties to drug lords inside Muntinlupa.

And I’d like to help you direct your gaze on #2 so #1 doesn’t tie you up in knots.

What a horrid thing our President said. Quite hypocritical too considering he is hardly the paragon of virtue.

And anytime anyone gets up on that high horse, I swear, I take out my bag of popcorn—because it is amusing as hell.

Moralists are my least favorite humans, you see. And I love the fumbling that happens when I am in the mood and I poke holes on their moralistic harrumphing about other people’s private lives.

Hold yourself up as the paragon of virtue and I think you’re really asking for acid to rain down on you, my friend.

(For instance, one time, I had this debate going on with certain members of my family—born again Christians—who insisted that homosexuality was an abomination and all but puked at the idea of same sex marriage because it took away from the sanctity of marriage daw. And they were getting it on with me and started quoting scripture: chapter verse (Leviticus, ano pa?).

In the zone na in the zone sila.

Until I had to remind them about their personal lives: both of them were married and living in with people other than their spouses.

Not. That. I. Give. A. Fuck.

What was amusing was the look of confusion in their faces when I said this—like it never occurred to them. Haha. Gad. Sam pipol. Comedy. So fucking clueless sometimes. It’s really so much easier to obsess about other people’s lives rather than think of your own life and work on your own issues.)

So anyway, this was what the President did. Got on his high horse and called Leila de Lima an immoral woman.

He had no right to.
No one does.
We’re all made of the same stuff—dust—so we stand on precarious ground when we judge others.

Not that I think I should be defending the senadora, you see.

Does Leila de Lima look like she needs defending? She can turn you to stone just by looking at you, no.

She happens to not only be a woman lawyer (a class all their own–women lawyers–so astig. I have a number of women lawyer friends and I know they’re made of granite ok?). She, too was a former DOJ secretary (who had the NBI, the WPP etc all under her control) and now a Senator.

So no sireee, I don’t think Leila de Lima needs you to protect her. She is a big girl. Where her private life is concerned, she can very well take care of herself and say, like I would say to anyone who judges my personal life, “Go fuck yourself.”

If she were an ordinary citizen, I would volunteer to be her Artemis and defend her. But Leila de Lima is no ordinary citizen. She wears the awesome cloak of power so you may now sit down, put away your sword and stop thinking you would need to defend her honor.

Feminism, after all and when you get right down to it, is not the requesting of power but the seizing of it.

So pls. enough of this “poor Leila” thing you got going there.

You take away from women when you constantly defend them like they can’t fight their own battles.

I hope that is clear enough. If it isn’t, you can come to me and judge me so you can clearly see what I mean when I say “powerful women”. 😀

So the president had no right to judge the senator’s private life. That he did was unfortunate. But it is not something that we ought to get stuck in and tied up in knots. We can get over this hump.

He is who he is. Not perfect. A product of his generation. But how it bleeds me to see how hard he tries. His heart is in the right place– which is so much more than you can say for presidents past.

So please, get over yourselves.

There are bigger dragons we must slay.

(And yes, I am only speaking to those who can be reasoned with. Those who hate him no matter what he does and want so badly for him to fail – aka the Tugaks and Pugaks—can just go sit in the corner and scratch your butts. I am not talking to you. Your hatred for this man makes you irrelevant and you don’t get to sit on the table to discuss things with me. Get out.)

So this brings me to the 2nd thing that the president told us all.

That Leila de Lima’s lovahhh had ties to drug lords inside Muntinlupa and that he frequently and regularly visited them.

Leila de Lima hasn’t denied that this dude is/was her lovahhh. There are just a million scenarios where, because of this affair of Leila De Lima, our country has been screwed over and compromised.

We’re still at that stage when we must give her the benefit of the doubt. But my antenna is up. Way up.

And this is where Leila de Lima’s affair needs to be held up to the light and examined. Wag nyo na igulo ang kwento with your chismax and titillating speculations. And stop being so bastos about her sex life. You just come out looking like an asshole. Focus on what we ought to be focusing on.

The 2nd part of the President’s allegations are enough fodder to keep an entire nation riveted. The 1st part is none of our fucking business.

If, however, because of the fucking that went on behind closed doors, we got fucked as a nation, then I say, what went on behind closed doors now becomes our fucking business.

And the President has every right to question the Senator.

And Leila de Lima must be made to answer.

Popcorn please.


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