Remember Laglag Bala?

Remember laglag bala?

Remember the grief and fear it gave us? We thought that international embarrassment of an airport couldn’t shame us any further but how wrong we were. Turns out the bottom of the well for notoriety and impunity–and too, for indifference and ineptness in government hadn’t been reached.

There’s more where that comes from! This was the message that was slapped on our faces.

And do you remember what then-President Noynoy did?

In case you don’t, here’s what he did: he kinda yawned, scratched his butt, yelled, “Yaya!! Melk please!” Then up he went to play his video games.

He didn’t give half a shit.

Did heads roll?
Was anyone fired?
Did anyone resign?

Are you drugs?

Let me refresh your memory: no one was fired. No one resigned. The inept bastard who headed the whole thing, Noynoy’s cousin, MIAA manager Angel Honrado, in fact, said to all of us, “Beh beh beh beh behhhh… Resign? Make me! Lakas ata backer ko. Sampits ko to, mehnnnn.”

And so the laglag bala went on and on and on. We were made to suffer the inconvenience, the indignity of wrapping our luggage in plastic wrap and we were made to quake in our boots.

Those who were supposed to protect and defend us were our oppressors. And there was NOTHING we could do. The most powerful man of the country, the President yawned at the whole thing.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse than that, we were asked to bear the pain of hearing about a 75 year old woman who could hardly walk and was in fact off to the US for medical treatment, but was held at the airport, the latest laglag bala victim in that den of thieves we call NAIA.

I remember how clenched my fists were and how much my jaw hurt because it too, was clenched. My face, rock hard. My heart, bleeding.

And then I read that then DOJ secretary Emmanuel Caparas, like the boss he succeeded, Leila de Lima, downplayed the whole thing and called it a dead issue. Then he went on to DEFEND airport authorities and cautioned us, the public, against making unfounded accusations and sternly admonished us not to bring in any contraband items.

WE were at fault.

And I am writing this because I want you to remember too.

I’ve been reading this on FB once too often, “Change has not come. It is a scam.”


Laglag bala –or any form like it–no longer exists.

It took all of 2 seconds for our President to make that horrendous problem a thing of the past.

All he had to do was decriminalize having a bullet in your possession.

Problem solved.

And then you wonder why there are so many of us who applaud the new President.

As soon as he sat, this problem that pained and scared so many of us, that caused an entire country international shame– Rodrigo Duterte, true to his word, made that problem disappear.

Could it be possible that the lot of us who love this man are the easy-to-please ones?


And the ones who hate him (to be differentiated from the ones with legitimate concerns but just the haters aka the Irrelevants.), on the other hand, ang taas ng standards nila. Haha

FOI? “Eh di wow.”
Released political prisoners? “Eh di wow.”
RH? “Eh di wow.”
Lumad schools? “Eh di wow.”
Laglag bala? “Eh di wow.”

Which is why I don’t even bother reading them, much less engaging them into any kind of discussion. It is futile and a total waste of time and effort to talk to someone whose overriding emotion for Rodrigo Duterte is HATE.

I suggest you do the same.


That is all there is to it.

But try listening to those with valid concerns. They balance us. And what moves them is their love for country. So, listen, ok?

I don’t agree with some of the things the President does and says. But the mere fact that his heart is in the right place, that he aches to put this entire country on the right track and matches this resolve with ACTION–not just words, not with yawning, butt scratching, video games and “YAYA, MELK PLS!!” –the usual shit we’ve had to take from our public servants–for all these, the President has earned my trust.

And my gratitude.

That his heart is where my heart is–with the poor, with the oppressed– sincerely, no faking it– has made him someone I can work with.

And no, you can take your schtick about how he is so anti poor where the sun don’t shine because I do not, for one moment, buy it. Nabasa mo lang yan sa mga FB page of someone who hates the President and it’s undigested crap. What’s more, it’s someone with an AGENDA– a dangerous agenda even. So learn to THINK ok?

I have seen the heart of this man. I saw it when he went to Samar and gave his all there. You know, Samar–the place where the ex-President and his buddy, the useless, heartless oligarch Mar Roxas did NOTHING.

I’m a pretty tolerant person. I can take whatever illusions you may have about this dynamic dodo but repeat the lie about how they did so much in Samar, and I will hunt you and I will take you down personally.

Samar is where my patience grows thin. Because that piece of land is where grief might be at its highest per square meter –thanks to the useless, heartless bastards Noynoy and Mar.

And this is where they must be made to pay and answer for all the crimes they have done there. And I know, they have already paid dearly with the trouncing they got in the last elections — and the resounding victory of Rodrigo Duterte.

But it nearly isn’t half what they ought to be paying for the lives they destroyed there.

In the meantime, the President has his sleeves rolled up and he keeps on keeping on– in the face of brickbats thrown his way.

We, who have no problem getting to the heart and substance of Rodrigo Duterte, must roll up our sleeves and work with each other and alongside this man who gives his heart, mind and soul in service to our country.

We can do no less.


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