Digong The Peace-Maker

What I got in my mail today: a message from Icee Sobremonte, someone who works in Iloilo for a coal-fired power plant managed mostly by Chinese nationals.

Here is her entire message.

“Ms Lorraine, since I can’t comment on your post regarding how the president waswelcomed by the Chinese Government and even their citizens. I can truly attest to this. I’m working in a coal fired power plant here in Iloilo- and is managed by mostly Chinese, I can really feel the difference. Before, my Chinese Boss were so “bossy” which made me feel like quitting, but after the President’s visit in China, they were so accommodating, even to the point that they won’t give orders na.. they would always say that Philippines and China is now friends so all of us in the company should be friends too. These simply things really did matter. Thanks to Tatay Digong!”

The thawing out of Chinese-Filipino relations doesn’t end with just our president, government high officials and people of privilege but goes all the way down to our citizens.

Peace, for it to matter at all, should be felt by the common tao–from workers in a coal-fired plant to fishermen in Scarborough Shoal to us, in our homes with our families.

Not a small thing because really where does peace start but in our own hearts, in our backyard, in the smallest spaces of our lives?

O diba, parang beauty queen lang si Pangulong Duterte? Na-achieve nya ang world peace? 😀

I once knew a great man and when I read this message of hope, it was as if I heard him sing.

“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us. And the world will live as one.”

Yey, Digongmylabs! Good job!



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