Why Regina Belmonte Stinks

In one sentence: Because she is, through and through, an elitist and this has to be called out for the danger elitism poses not just in our country but the world over.

Here’s one fact that when I read, felt like I’d been slapped in the face: the richest 1% in the world own more than the 99% of us put together.

And it is not by dint of hard work and exceptional talent that they got there, these one percenters–but by consummate greed the likes of which humanity has not seen in all of our history.

And too, the firm belief of these one percenters that they are above us all and therefore ordinary rules do not apply to them.

And they believe themselves superior to the rest of us because they see themselves as exceptional—and that this is their birthright to call the shots for the rest of us.

And just as a small group of people is all it takes to change the world for good (oftentimes, it takes just ONE), so too do you need just this small group of people who believe themselves above ordinary rules to use their influence to create instability –the overthrowing of a popular and duly-elected president for instance—not just for their own personal gain but the gain of their social class.

You would never believe that such a small circle would purposely create the obscene global imbalance of wealth, social unrest–wars even—just to keep power in their small circle, right? The idea is too preposterous.

Wrong. Wake up and smell the Prada.

The reason these elitists have gotten to where they are now—a global force to reckon with for the untold grief, the destruction of all that is essential to us—the environment, democracy, social justice, peace, freedom—is because we bought into so many lies they created and perpetuated.

This lie that they are better educated than we are just because they went to Ivy League schools—that then makes them so much more qualified than we are to hold positions of power and influence.

Let me hold up the inept, bumbling Wharton grad, Mar Roxas to you in full light so you see just how much of a lie that is.

Want another example? Bongbong “tukmol” Marcos from Oxford.

Want another? George Bush went to Harvard.

Noynoy Aquino didn’t go to an Ivy league school and I bet it wasn’t because he wasn’t accepted but just because he was his usual unmotivated self.

The fact is I could go on and on because the list of those with such uneducated hearts and minds who went to some of the world’s purported top schools is a mile long.

And the lies they tell us!

The lie that they are entitled to mansions worth tens of millions while millions of ordinary Filipinos pay with their very blood, sweat and tears to have a roof over their heads. Hardly anyone questions this. It’s just something we accept.

We’re like rats on a treadmill working our butts off to have that elusive dream house and then you see Irene Marcos’ house in Forbes that is the size of a mini mall.

Or that the richest congressman is Sonny Belmonte with a net worth of 819.75 Million pesos as of 2013 and that the take home pay of a laborer in Samar for a full day’s work of backbreaking labor is 250 bucks if he’s lucky.

No one has raised an eyebrow over this.

The lie that they, these elitists, are more qualified than us to govern and craft laws that affect our lives so intimately. What a joke. You do know that Senate and Congress are just one big elitist club who watch each others’ backs and scratch each others’ balls, right?

Here’s the truth that might have escaped you: they are no better qualified than we are to govern, to hold executive positions and to live much better, dignified lives.

Kasi, lahat tayo, pantay pantay.

The despair we feel now from the social inequities that we all suffer from stem from beliefs we’ve bought into and that we perpetuate because we accept these beliefs without question and they’ve been with us for so long that we’ve just gotten so blind to these unfounded beliefs.

And these unfounded beliefs have been some of the most solid foundations of our undoing because those who benefit the most from it use it against us.

And this is why Regina Belmonte stinks.

Her sense of entitlement is so complete and so thorough that she’s just so clueless about it. An awful display really of just how obscene elitism is.

She thinks herself above everyone. And why shouldn’t she? The rarefied air of the elite is what she’s breathed all her life.

In case it slipped anyone’s attention, she has to clarify: “I just took a nap and woke up to Mocha Uson having a column in OUR newspaper.”

OUR newspaper. Get that guys? Get that? Any of you here can say that? Toilet paper, oo. Pero OUR newspaper?


And the petulant spoiled brat’s “WHAT THE FUCK? I just sent my dad this text. Not sorry at all.”

Oh daddy, you’re stewed now. Daddy’s little girl ain’t pleased with ya letting in riffraff in OUR exclusive club.



Ahhh these elitists, when its them peddling lies they can recycle it and have the audacity to call it TRUTH. They really and truly feel they have the monopoly to truth. And how they so love being all lofty and virtuous—even as they display trashy behavior.

And see how she edges everyone out with ‘LOLA’ and ‘DAD’ and ‘OUR newspaper”.

What I hear is, “You’re not one of us, Mocha. How dare you?”

Lakas makalugar ni Regina no? Elitistang elitista.

And memory of your lola? Pray tell what is this, Regina?

Who’s to say the veneration of Betty Belmonte Go is not some well-crafted press release of the elite-controlled press so that she has become more than what she truly was?

For years, I bought into the lie that the Aquinos were of pure intent and such courageous hearts. HAH! I have Noynoy Aquino to thank for disabusing me of that notion. Muchisimas gracias, asshole!

And if the execrably biased (yeah I’m using that word. Stuff it.) manner in which mainstream media has dealt the Duterte presidency an unfair hand doesn’t wake you up to the excesses of the elite, then you must be in deep slumber.

And in this tweet, Regina Belmonte unmasks herself for the rotten elite that she truly is:

“Are we seriously getting that reprehensible human being Mocha Uson as a columnist??? Why are we giving GARBAGE a bigger platform to mislead the country?”

Ahh these elitists. How they see those who are so different from them—and that would be the rest of us, by the way.


These are the lenses from which the Regina Belmontes in our midst see those of us who are not part of their chi chi club.

Sure they’ll pretend to be nice, donate to charity even and all that but when push comes to shove, “GARBAGE NOT ALLOWED IN MANILA POLO CLUB.” Tsura nyo.

The audacity of this Mocha Uson to think she belongs! No you don’t. Garbage!

Regina Belmonte doesn’t see anything garbage-y and unprincipled about a newspaper column being handed to her on a silver platter– a column she hasn’t earned–certainly not by putting in the hours and paying her dues the way other columnists have and certainly not with the kind of talent other columnists possess. Not by a long shot.

She doesn’t see anything wrong and shameful with her hanging on to a column that hardly anyone reads. The stats are just loser stats, through and through: from everything she’s written from 2015-2016, online engagement has been dismal as hell: 132 retweets, 277 FB shares, 195 likes.

Makes my toes curl in pain and embarrassment for her. A pain and embarrassment I bet she doesn’t feel. Entitled eh.

Mocha Uson, on the other hand, is read by 4.5 million people, has more online engagement than ABS CBN and GMA COMBINED. Clearly, the girl is a genius at connecting with people. And she’s worked hard for everything she has now.

Nothing’s been handed to her on a silver platter.

Yet in Regina’s elitista world, her 604 online engagements trump Mocha’s 4.5 million strong following for no other reason than because it is “OUR newspaper”.

And clearly, Mocha Uson does not need Philstar. I hope she turns them down. After she farts on them. Show this ikky brat Regina Belmonte what really is Philstar: GARBAGE.

And who really is the reprehensible human being here.

And Regina Belmonte has security of tenure. Takot lang ni Daddy. Eh ano kung nilalangaw ang column ng anak nya. What Regina wants, Regina gets!

“I’m so angry and so disappointed I’m fucking crying. I have never been more disappointed in my life. My God.”


Kung yan ginawa ko sa tatay ko, let’s just say, sabayan ko na rin ng pagbili ng Loyola Life Plan.

That’s the sickening sense of entitlement these elitists display.

So I hope you see what I want you to see: that there is no great difference in terms of general abilities among humans.

Certainly not that great a difference that these elitists live in multi million mansions and travel in choppers while we line up for hours to catch a train and live in beat up apartments we don’t even own.

They’re not THAT smart, not THAT gifted, not THAT talented.

Just THAT greedy. And THAT entitled.

They’ve pushed us around for so long now.

I say it is time we push back.

Be utterly convinced of your worth.

Be utterly convinced that the man who sweeps our streets and the woman who does your laundry is your equal. Be utterly convinced that Fernando Zobel is your equal. Look these elitistas in the eye and talk to them in the clear, confident tone of an equal.

Do not buy into the lies they peddle you. Do not accept that social inequality is normal. A given. And when they make you believe that the dream of social justice is some far off impossible dream—recognize them for what they are: enablers of the prevailing rotten status quo.

And do not fall for that trap that has ensnared us for so long.

Push back.

Then stand your ground.

The Regina Belmontes of this world are as nothing to the Mocha Usons who have their fists in the air and are ready to smash what has been needing to be smashed for a very long time now—the oligarchs and these elitists.



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