I’m suplada when it comes to parties. I don’t like going to them if I can help it. So I say no a lot of times. Sometimes I say no even before I think about it and then turns out, I wanted pala to go so then I scramble to get un-uninvited. The thought of one whole night of small meaningless talk makes me want to curl up in a fetal position or rock back and forth and suck my thumb.
And Decembers used to fill me with so much dread for all the frenetic parties I get invited to.
These days, though, I find I seek them out. But not just any party. These days I seek out the comfort and respite of real, lifelong friendships. And I bask in the love and joy of it all.
I see so much hate online. And I have been on the receiving end of so much hate too. And I love that I had the good sense to cultivate real friendships at several points in my life because these days, they are the light I look up to when I am down in the bottom of the well of hate thrown my way.
Friendships are the abundance of my life. And I am so grateful for them these days.
And I love this photo of me with my gorgeous friend, Cookie, who, like me, has zero tolerance for small talk and false friendships. I see my happiness and I see hers too.
Hey, time for me to unplug in a while. I have a party to go to and it will be with friends we’ve known for decades.
Gotta get my dose of luvvvv. 
Yakap to all of you and have a great Sunday and I hope you go get some of that luvvv too.
**Thank you Ami Marchan Tolentino for this picture.**

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