“Anong Nangyari Sa Yo?!”

When people find out you support this president, do they shrug their shoulders then peacefully walk away because you know, it’s your god given right to have an opinion–and it doesn’t cause their little worlds to spin out of orbit?

Two words: FAT CHANCE.
Because, as we who support this president know, respectful coexistence is usually not in your cards when you support Rodrigo Duterte.

Heavies are laid on you, one on top of the other—bam, bam, BAM!

So far, I’ve discussed 2 heavies.

Heavy #1 is “You’re bayaran.”
Heavy #2 is, “You’re sucking up to the president because you need a job.”

Today, we tackle Heavy #3: “Anong nangyari sayo?”

Something of a personal favorite of mine because of the shot of adrenalin it gives my system. Kinda like double espresso straight up.

In my case, so far, 100% said to me by TOTAL strangers or people I barely know. Which is why coffee shot through my nostrils one time. And another time, I went, “HUU-WAWWW!” in wide-eyed amazement. And always, I get a good laugh out of it.

The fucking presumptuousness is just high comedy to me.

Why do total strangers think it is their place to say to you, “Anong nangyari sayo??” –because this is the one thing we tell someone we have a prior relationship with.

The presumption is something was promised and you didn’t deliver—or that someone you knew so well changes so rapidly, it just makes your head spin so you just need to spit out these heavy heavy words:

“Anong nangyari sayo??”


Usually appended to ‘anak’ —like in Freddie Aguilar’s song. “Anak, bat ka nagkaganyan?” 😀

Por ejemplo, a lover you thought was true to you and turns out was a faithless ass. “Anong nangyari sayo? Kala ko ba labidabs mo ako?? Yung pala andami mong labidabs, shet kaaa.. Huhubells!!”

Or to your husband of 25 years, “Bat mo kinain lahat ng choc nut, wala ka man lang iniwan saken?? Ngayon mo lang nagawa yan!  Anong nangyari sayo??”

I could go on and on. And it would all be the same: a prior intimate relationship is a requirement before you get to lay such a whopper on anyone.

Which is why I’ve had a good laugh each and every time this was said to me. because, you know? Total strangers.

And the subtext is “You are so frightfully wrong. And I am so crystal clearly right.”

You’re soft in the head. A traitor to your country. You super love the Marcoses and want Bongbong Marcos to be VP. You’re blood thirsty and you’ve deliberately turned a blind eye on the killings. You’re a low-IQ fanatic with absolutely no love for country. You’re an ass, a moron. So short sighted that you can’t see you are bringing our country to ruin by supporting this President who is a berdugo, a mamamatay tao. A probinshanong walang pinag aralan. A psychopath.
(And no, I didn’t make all that up. These are actual things said about us who support this President. Eto ang kicker: the very same ones who say these nasty things blame the president for being soooo divisive 😀 Like they expect you to say  “Thank you for calling me a traitor to my country who loves BBM. Here, let me give you a hug. That made me feel warm all over.” :D)
They’re the noble,decent ones.  Anong nangyari sayo???

😀 Ayos ba?


Doesn’t that arrogance leave you breathless? There is only one truth and they, the keepers of this truth.


And even if you point out the great, unprecedented things this president has done for our country, it’s all the same for these arrogant assholes.

ONLY THEY KNOW WHAT’S RIGHT. Because they’re intellectually superior, basically.

Well, if you’re so smart, how did this simple fact escape your awesome brain: that, never, in the entire history of humankind have we all agreed on one thing.

Not even chocolate.
Not even sex.
Two things you’d think we’d all agree on as GREATTTTT!! LET’S HAVE MORE OF THAT! (But nooooo. It’s this and that. And that and this etc etc etc world without end, amen.)

What does this tell you, Einstein?


That there will always be differences in opinion and that we must learn to live and let live, no judgments. There’s enough space in this planet for all of us.

And if that has to be pointed out to you time and again, guess what? News flash! You’re not as smart as you think you are. Doesn’t matter if you’re in the academe or if you have 6 titles after your name.

Are we to tear each other apart for each and every time we don’t agree with each other? Are we to belittle, judge harshly, condemn those we are not on the same page with?

If your answer to that is yes, then guess what, schmuck? YOU’RE the problem. And what’s more, YOU’RE an idiot.

And maybe, the point to all these epic disagreements is to finally learn that the highest wisdom, the highest intelligence is our ability to peacefully coexist with the other.

And please, before you even ask me, “Anong nangyari sayo?”, my minimum requirement is this: You should at least know how my tattoo looks like up close. 😀

Then maybe I’ll give you an answer.

(For instance, “Anong nangyari sayo?”

Eto: nagising ako. Eh ikaw, anong nangyari sayo?)





7 thoughts on ““Anong Nangyari Sa Yo?!”

  1. Chill, sister. The real heavies THEY should be worrying about is the 97% approval rate of our beloved Tatay Digs. AND the respect of the world leaders and citizens from the other parts of the globe for Digong our labs. Bet they can’t dig that! #InggitLangSila

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  2. In 2010 I voted for Gordon my bestfriend Pnoy. Lesser evil she said. I wanted to kill her but NO. It’s her right.

    In May 2016 I voted Duterte and her Atenean self made her vote Roro. That’s fine. From the start I knew we were going separate ways so I avoided election talk. 2 days before the elections she sent me an article on the DDS and I wanted to tell her “You think I haven’t read these?” And day before the elections she told me to prepare money and groceries (just in case) — just in case what??? Dooms day Duterte apparently.

    Anyway to cut the long story short. My bestfriend of more than 2 decades is no longer talking to me. Yep. I didn’t even see her this Christmas.

    I’m not sure if she realizes that it says more about her than it Duterte. It’s so sad.

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    1. My dear, if it’s any consolation to you, there are so very many of us who have gone through what you’ve been through. People you thought were your friends were unmasked as nothing more than narrow-minded, judgmental schmucks who thought you the Devil incarnate for supporting this man.

      I want to tell you though that I have never been happier. I kinda like traveling light and any old day I am shown how wrong I was about someone I knew is a great day for me. No matter if it somehow hurts. Pain is temporary. And it doesn’t matter if it’s people you’ve known all your life. For me, doesn’t even matter if it’s ‘family’.

      It’s not true that I don’t have a choice. I always have a choice. And I get to say who is my sister, who is my friend. etc.

      If there’s anything these arrogant, disrespectful people have taught me, it is this: that I must cut my ties and then never look back. And then I must surround myself with people who truly get me and are respectful and loving and who appreciate your presence in their lives.

      Traveling mercies! ❤

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  3. tatay digong might not be well gentleman as expected but he has a big heart to everyone including those who are not on his side.he is just human like us and trying to clean the mess we had now.not a super hero but an honest publis servant. sino bang ama na di mapamura kung pasaway ang mga anak? that is his role now…a father to this nation.

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  4. Hahaha DEAD ON!!! 🙂
    It is so sad that some people just can’t respect others’ opinion and coexist. They choose to be distant from friends/relatives because of a political choice. In spite of the great things this president/administration has done, they choose to ignore instead criticize. They do not acknowledge the achievements because it was not their candidate, yet they call Dutertards fanatics. Hahaha! Thanks for this. Made my day. 🙂 Have a good one!

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    1. Actually Emmeline, I could write a book about this. The shit I’ve had to take from arrogant asses who thought themselves my intellectual superior for no other reason than bec I would choose to support Rodrigo Duterte is a truckload.

      This is not the last time I will be writing about this, I think. The condescension hasn’t ended and is, in fact, relentless.

      Such clowns.

      I am deeply grateful though for being relieved of the burden of carrying these ninnies– some of whom are family members that I’ve grown weary of trudging through life.

      I am in a good place for having managed to cut my ties and then for surrounding myself with people I share mutual love and respect. People I delight in and who delight in me too.

      The shits are, more or less, out of my life.



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