Lost Cause Leni

The Office of the Vice President released this meme of VP Leni Robredo behind a rostrum and her words printed out, “It pains me to observe that being mean is in, while the homegrown values of service and empathy are out.”–doubtless, to emphasize just how truly decent and virtuous and noble the VP is—as opposed to those who criticize her. And so different from that President these indecents adore—you know the one who keeps saying “Putangina!” and who called the Bishops hypocrites and said her tuhod is makinis.


The venerated movie in the minds of the disente crowd playing 4D with Surround Sound by Dolby  that they cling to, come hell or high water.

And for which, we must, once again, clarify things to Clueless Leni. (Might not be far off in the future when we would need to call the OVP the OCVP –Office of the Clueless VP.)

Madam VP, being criticized is part and parcel of being in government service. Vigilant citizenship is our end of the democratic bargain. What this means is it is our DUTY as citizens of a democracy to be on our toes where our public servants are concerned.

In other words, we keep your noses clean.

In other words, in a democracy, we are as much to blame when public officials like you get it into your heads that you are untouchable and owe us nothing.

We understand the follies of being human and that no one—NO ONE—is above being corrupted. And we do you a favor by giving you feedback about your performance as public servants.

If you surround yourself with sycophants who will feed you only the things you want to hear and if you have staff who think their main job is to isolate you from the public you serve by deleting comments on your page that scream at you for the anger and the disgust you inspire, then I am sorry to tell you but you have failed, once again, in surrounding yourself with competent people. (I mean, look at this meme. FACEPALM!!)

And that your days are numbered. There would be no need to oust you because you yourself are doing an outstanding job at self-destruction.

Do you know why this is so, Madam VP? Do you know why surveys have consistently shown the Filipino’s rapidly declining trust with you?

It is this attitude, this unfortunate belief that is clearly mirrored in this unfortunate meme your office itself prepared and then posted for all the world to see.

You are in deep deep trouble, Madam VP for starting to believe your own press releases.

A most out of touch VP.


Someone who labels legitimate criticisms of ineptness/laziness/incompetence, “meanness” like she were a disgruntled prom queen in senior high and us, mean girls making wasak her trip.

This is the scope of Leni Robredo’s appreciation of the weight of her job and her office. Parang high school popularity contest lang.

Kaya siguro she finds nothing wrong with posing barefoot in her tacky gym clothes doing a yoga pose with a yoga buddy in front of the seal of the Office of the Vice President.

No, Leni, we are not mean girls and you are not the high school prom queen. We are fully participating adults in a democracy giving you important feedback.

When you report for work for the first time on Day 45 and when you fly off to New York for a winter holiday while strong winds buffet your province and when you get a grand total of nothing done in the 5 or so months you sat as HUDCC head and when it twists your panties in a bunch that you don’t get invited for the Ms Universe contest and make a big fuss out of it—and then we call you incompetent, lazy, inept, shallow—this is not meanness.

These all fall under ‘legitimate concerns’ for which public servants like you must sit up and take notice of.

Instead of calling us trolls and saying shit like, “I have no time for trolls. They are a lost cause.”

Malapit na akong mawalan ng pasensya sa yo, Leni. At malapit na kitang i-declare na lost cause.

It takes so much humility, so much wisdom to unclench your fist and to listen and learn from us. This, however, is what’s asked of you when you take on the job of public servant.

As for your claim that ‘the homegrown values of service and empathy are out.”, you are so wrong in this.

A new day has dawned in our country.

If you, for one moment, manage to take your nose out of your fantastic self absorption, you will see what the overwhelming majority of us see:

A President who serves the Filipino people like no other president in recent memory has.

Someone whose every waking hour is about us and who will go through fire for us.

Someone who thinks nothing of putting himself in harm’s way to stop the hellish downward spiral of our country and who will look hardened criminals and corrupt officials in the eye and say politically incorrect things like, “Putangina mo. Papatayin talaga kita.”, not caring one bit what disentes like you nor even the powerful international press think about him—you who pretend to love country but spend your days—and OUR money making public service all about yourselves (For instance, NOT ONE FUCKING HOUSE IN THOSE 5 MONTHS AS HUDCC HEAD. WTF, LENI, WTF.)

All great loves are transgressions, Leni.

And this President has thrown shallow niceties and false virtues out the window to put much needed action in his avowals of love for country.

He has gone where no other president has ever gone and he has transgressed boundaries where past presidents couldn’t even get past the timid walls of Malacañang –to get to the people he has sworn to serve.

And he has barely started.

As for empathy, this man has put the poor front and center of his concerns where they must be placed. Making free education, free hospitalization, free medicines a reality and building homes, beefing up social welfare programs so the poor gets fed, given jobs, taken out of poverty asap.

He has lent the full weight of the Office of the President to each and every soldier that has fallen in the line of duty by grieving with the family and the nation. He has brought home stranded OFWs and protected Filipinos in perennially-abusive nations.

And I haven’t even spoken about the President’s official family –his alter egos in the Department of Agrarian Reform and DA and DSWD, etc—who have shown, like him, unprecedented commendable service to the public that needs them and for which a lot of us have gone bonkers over because we’re so used to being ignored by incompetent, indifferent public servants—like your pals Mar Roxas and Noynoy Aquino.

Lack of empathy is hopping on a jet plane for a vacation knowing full well that in a matter of hours your province mates—people who trusted you so much – would be tossed to the winds. Not giving a damn that they would—no matter the noise you made about setting up your own remote blah blah in New York. Can you even fucking hear yourself, you disgraceful VP?

There is a reason your numbers have slipped precariously Madam VP and I submit it is this: when you say that homegrown values of service and empathy no longer exist, you were actually speaking of yourself and the teeny tiny self-absorbed Office of the Clueless Leni Robredo.

Gising, Leni. Malapit ka nang maging lost cause.


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