So diba tinanong ko si Secretary Judy, “Can I still okray CERTAIN government officials online?” And she soul gazed me—the kind a special education teacher gives a difficult student whose head is always in a cloud then she gave a deep deep sigh na para bang sinabi nya, “Lord andami kong pasanin. Dagdagan ba?” Bwahaha.. And she basically said, “Uhm. No more, honey.” But when I asked, “Well, can I openly adore the President?”, I could practically hear her heave a sigh of relief to have me off her back. And she basically said, “Knock yourself out, gurl.”

And so here I am knocking myself out.

Because so far, this government gig is driving me a bit mad with back to back to back meetings and listening to politicians who I cannot openly diss (nagpuputukan na mga arteries at veins ko!!) and then having to wear costumes and sometimes, washing my pinagkainan.

But all I need to remember is how hard this President works and how simple he is. How he is so not a kurakot—because I’ve overdosed on those fucking sonnofabitches and I hope our country never ever ever has an inept kurakot President—ever. Because we’ve had more than our fair share.


And how our President is all I’ve ever wished for in a president. Sincere, razor-sharp. Excellent executive skills. Someone who just keeps on getting important things done.


He is so far from perfect but I love how he makes the elitists go around in confused circles like their butts are on fire because he’s just so smart and 10 steps ahead of these namby pamby mama’s boys who underestimate him because he’s probinsyano.

(Hi Mar!! Hi Noynoy!! Have you guys moved out of your mothers’ houses yet??? Gaddampak ha. Sana naman ha, by NOW, naka experience na kayo in your late 50s what I experienced when I was 18: flexing my independence and knowing what it was I was capable of. At para naman gumanda ganda ang mga diskarte nyo. Para kayong mga Cartoon Network dumiskarte, weset!).

And I love how he fights for the poor sincerely –and with all he’s got. He just makes it so clear why we’re there giving our best to country. If something confuses you about your job as public servant, all you need to do is look at the President. It is as simple as that for me. He makes it crystal clear for a lot of us who serve under him.

So when I am on the 3rd hour of 4 hour meeting and I am about to stab  myself with a pencil just so I wake up and feel that I still exist, I think of him.

If I have 3 back to back to back meetings to attend to, what more this dude? And if I go numb behind my eyeballs having to listen to people, what more this man whom everyone wants a piece of?

And if it scares me that people think I can solve all their problems, what burden must this man carry  who is president of a people who can be so disempowered that they expect him to do EVERYTHING for them? A people so prone to hero-worship, to idolizing –instead of seeing themselves as heroes/heroines in their own stories with the capacity to change their world for better—if they so want.

And on weekdays, after a full day at work—the kind of schedule that can make a man half his age crumble, he goes home to a home bereft of his loved ones. I step into my home, and I am engulfed in my family’s embrace. But he has to carry all these on his own—day in, day out, month after month after month—for the next 5 or so years.

So I am deeply grateful to serve my country under such an inspiring president. Or else I’d go mad listening to budget blah blahs while wearing my peach Filipiniana costume then having to wash my pinagkainan after. (Seryoso na talaga tong pinaggagawa ko para sa inyo ha. Hahaha..PEACH ba naman!!)

PS Nakita nyo ba yung art work ko? 😀 fineyd-away ko yung mga kaibigan  ko. Hindi lang si Mar ang marunong manglaglag no? Kami lang ni Pangulong Duts ang kita. Nagcocompensate lang ako kasi bawal mang okray pero pwede mag-adore. O di yan. ADORE!



5 thoughts on “Adore

  1. “So when I am on the 3rd hour of 4 hour meeting and I am about to stab myself with a pencil just so I wake up and feel that I still exist, I think of him.”

    That line made me smile. 🙂 Yeah, he leads by example. 🙂

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