Rody The Relentless

One of the reasons I love this President is because he just keeps on keeping on.
He gets criticized on a daily basis, stuff gets thrown at him: preposterous lies attributed to him, his words get twisted in obscene angles so it bears no resemblance to the original message he sent, every inch of him is scrutinized and he is called all sorts of cruel names.
But does he expend a significant amount of time answering his critics or defending himself? Nope. He has a country to rebuild and rebuild it he will.
A talentless ignoramus once called him a psychopath? What did he say? “I leave her to her constitutional rights to free expression. She should enjoy that.”
The VP of this land keeps obstructing the road that leads to high ground and like a pesky fly, irritates so many of us and the one time this president reacts to this VP is when she doesn’t get ONE THING done and it hurts the people he has vowed to serve with all that is in him. And he fires her, Duterte-style.
He just wants the job done. You don’t do it? You’re out.
“I want the abuse of my people to stop.” That’s what he said not too long ago.
I am a runner and so appreciate this trait, this mindset of his. Sun’s out? I run. Winds lashing at the trees? I run. I’m sad? I run. I feel like the happiest chick on earth? I run. It’s raining? All the better.
There is a race I need to run and I just go do it. No excuses.
It’s the same with the President. He knows full well what it is he’s gotten himself into.
He’s not that clown of a VP who is such a painful spectacle for all the ridiculous things she has gotten herself into.
If she’s not showing one and all just how lazy and frightfully incompetent she is (reports for work at Day 45 as HUDCC head! Sowsssmaryowsepp. Lakas pa mag ambisyon na kaya nya maging Pangulo. Sit down before you hurt yourself, Leni.), she’s showing just how so in over her head she is with the simple task of being a VP aka lampshade, (How hard is it to be VP, LENI?? All you need to do is make like a Persian rug and lie flat on the floor. And wait for your turn.)
And yet gets nothing of worth done.
Except deliver an eerie speech that damns our country and talks about killings in a happy singsong voice and a disturbing smile. Speech na nga lang, she can’t even swing it. Pano pa Bansa natin, Leni?
During a recent convention of councilors all over the country, the President reminded them to do their jobs well and to ignore unfair criticisms because their role in nation building was critical. And, he quoted Abraham Lincoln:
“If I were to try to read, much less answer all the attacks made on me, this shop might as well be closed for any other business. I do the very best I can and I mean to keep doing so until the end. If the end brings me out all right, what is said against me won’t amount to anything. But if the end brings me out wrong, ten angels of God swearing I was right would make no difference.”
This man cares nothing for your approval. At least not as much as getting the job done and done well. And he cares nothing for your applause.
He sees a compelling vision  of our country and it calls to him. And like a man possessed, this man, our President, Rodrigo Roa Duterte, plugs away – getting us one step closer to a country that we can proudly leave to future generations.
For our sake, he goes at it, day in day out.
For the sake of our children and for Filipinos yet to be born, our president is that runner who runs—no matter if it rains and wild winds buffet him.
I pray he finishes his race. And finishes it well despite the incompetent, overly-ambitious VP trying her best to obstruct his path.
Digongmylabs, sir—run like the wind! An overwhelming majority of us have your back. And we will cheer you on and we will do our part—no matter how small –in this huge task of nation building. And to be deserving of such a President.
“I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith..”

10 thoughts on “Rody The Relentless

  1. Dear Dr. Lorraine you have just pronounced a distant HEALING THERAPHY for my worried soul..I am all along with our fight for a better Phil. to come home..

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  2. and we will not allow the corrupt to take reign again. we will all protect you, the one person who is working hard against all odds for the people especially the needey. we all love you mr president!

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  3. Very well said po! Please continue to share your innermost insight of our dear president..goosebumps while reading all your post po..the more i love our president!!!
    God Bless!


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