Manay, Ang Babaeng Digong

Secretary Taguiwalo was given a kaing of mangoes by one of her staff members and this was from late Friday night just before we closed shop at the DSWD. She got her canvas bag and made sungka her mangoes so all of us who were there had some. O dba? Parang relief operations. And then she left some over because she had enough and so others who weren’t there would have some too.

Hindi sha dupang at ganid, in other words. And she understands the concept of ‘enough’. I think that who we are when others aren’t looking say far more about who it is we truly are than when spotlights are trained on us.

Our politics spill over our personal life and this little gesture here of the Sec. speaks volumes about who she is. Her private face is so consistently aligned with her public face. Walang kaplastikan. Simpleng tao. Walang luho. Walang bahid –ni konti—ng katiwalian. Are you kidding me? She HATES corruption.

Babaeng Digong nga. (The refined version haha..)

And this is where her woes with the CA start.

Who sit in Congress and Senate  but the country’s landed gentry, the political elite, the oligarchs—those who are so thoroughly convinced of their entitlements and see nothing wrong with using the poor for political gain.
And I am sorry to tell them but Manay Judy will have none of that. She could be sent her packing papers tomorrow and it’s not something that will tear her to pieces. The one perk she totally enjoys about her job as DSWD top honcho is she has a personal driver. That’s about the extent of her kilig. Ang babaw diba?

She is so unattached to her job and this detachment is such a stark contrast to those on the other side of the bargaining table, those who cling and claw at their positions and those who dangle the DSWD top post in front of her like bait so she gives in to their demands.

But as I said, Judy Taguiwalo will have none of that. The culture of corruption that we who are newbies in government see and deal with leave us breathless—and heartbroken for our country. But it has made our mandate to serve the Filipino people faithfully all the more crystal clear and urgent to us.

Like the President we serve under and like the Secretary who heads us, we are more resolute and ever more clarified.

The abuse of the Filipino people has to stop.

Business as usual has to stop.

Our country has paid through the teeth with all these political concessions and the continuous pushing at what is and is not acceptable that we’ve forgotten the basics. We have so lost our true North and it is now time to claim back all that we have lost.

Those who see the DSWD as an extension of their political machinery and not as the Department that directly serves the poor need to be reoriented.

And Manay Judy is the very person to do this. Other DSWD secretaries have danced to whatever tune politicians wanted them to dance to. The politicians clap, the DSWD secretaries dance to that tempo.

And I am sorry to break it to them but Manay is a soulful dancer, yes. She dances with the Lumad and the Ifugao and the DSWD family—but I don’t ever see her dancing to the tune set by the politicians.

She will work with them and she will accede to their reasonable demands as best as she can—specially if this is going to redound to the good of the people. She is a team player and she is more than willing to link arms with them.
But she will never say yes to anything that damns our country.

She is like the President she serves under—squarely, solidly FOR the people. And itching for change to finally happen to our poor country.

Hence all these bloody resistance to them. Do you see this now? They are for the people and the oligarchs, the political elite won’t allow that.

And this is why she is seen as an obstruction by the CA.

And my heart breaks because Judy Taguiwalo is a vanguard for the poor, the oppressed. If there ever was a perfect love team, this would be it—the Judy Taguiwalo-DSWD match. A match made in heaven. The president chose exceedingly well when he offered the DSWD portfolio to Manay. Panalong panalo ang Pilipinas sa love team na to.

And did you know this was Leni Robredo’s first choice—to be DSWD secretary? Shiyetttt, dba?

My friends, we dodged one big fucking missile there.


Sunday ngayon, pag simba nyo, pikit nyo mga mata nyo at mataimtim kayong manalangin ng pasasalamat na hindi si Leni ang naging DSWD Sec. natin. Incompetent, lazy, a traitor to her own people, someone who is loyal to her party first and thinks nothing of damning her own country. Someone who will use our country as fodder for her political ambitions.
So if you want what’s truly best for our country, write the congressmen who comprise the CA and tell them you will love them if they give their nod to our Manay Judy.

That’s one other basic we must put back in place: that power rests in the people. Claim that power back from those who think it is theirs. Tell us and show us, your public servants, who truly is boss.

Together, we’d be formidable.


4 thoughts on “Manay, Ang Babaeng Digong

  1. Doc Badoy,

    Sana sya na lang gawing first lady tutal kung si Digong ang tatay natin si Sec judy dapat maging nanay ng bansa.

    And kung di sya maapprove ng CA(wag naman sana) eh ipublish ang mga buwayang di nagvote sa kanya and sabihin nya kay Digong ang mga ex deal na gusto ng mga tongressman.


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