Resbak Rody

In yesterday’s oath taking, the president delivered a speech to us, the men and women he chose to be part of his team. And in it he said something that had us giving him a hearty applause.

He said (and sorry I cannot quote verbatim), “If you want an ideal country, NOW is the time to do it. NOW is the time we work for it—habang ako ang nakaupo. And do not worry, I will back you up.”

And I loved the applause—of which I was part of—because what it meant to me was that there are so many of us raring to get our country back in shape. That indeed, as I have seen since working in DSWD, there are countless amazingly good public servants who serve with passion and faithfulness and yes, courage.

Even before he said that message, I kinda figured that one out. I had despaired for such a president to happen to us. Someone with a heart that beats for the poor, who sees himself as their defender. Someone incorruptible and with the political will of steel to do what other namby pamby presidents would not even dare attempt.

And to have him here now is just so amazing to me. He is why I have left my comfortable life and am in government and why I fight the good fight. This fight that we’ve been losing –on no small account because of the bumbling, greedy-as-hell presidents we’ve had in the past.

So NOW is the time to join hands with government and turn the tide for our country.

We have the full backing of our president.

Ayaw mo pa nyan? Resbak mo si Rodrigo Duterte. Isipin mo kaya kung ang resbak mo si Noynoy Aquino o si Mar Roxas? Hahaha..potah diba? Stay at home na lang ako at may-I-gantsilyo for life. Leni, are you listening? Hahaha..

And I was seated in an aisle seat and I had a clear view of the President. At some point in his speech, he talked about how media (peppered with the much-deserved PUTANGINA!! for the putanginas ) picks one sentence that you said and twists it this way and that to serve their nefarious purpose of shaping the opinions of the unthinking. And did I imagine him looking at me?

And I thought he must know what’s going on with me now because he immediately segue’d to how we’re so in awe of Europeans when in reality, they had committed awful crimes on us. And again, I thought he looked at me.

After his speech, my buddy at the DSWD, whiz kid, Asst Sec Anton Hernandez said, “Tita, parang ginawa nya yung speech para sayo.” Haha..

And when it was our turn to have our picture taken with the President, I was behind him, he turned and looked at me with the kindest eyes that I couldn’t help but touch his face with both my hands. And kissed him. I whispered “Thank you, sir.”

Waaahhh LOVE SCENE! Hahaha..

So yeah, Rody got our back.

The revolution is in full swing. Surely you feel this.
I say we take our country back.

NOW. While we have a president who REALLY and TRULY has our backs.



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