Why I Like Manay Judy

I like Manay Judy because I am certain as certain can ever be that when a foreign dignitary/ VIP visits, she will not be that asshole who will round up the poor and HIDE them because they’re such an embarrassment, you know?
For her, the poor are the VIP.
Fighting for the poor is what her life is about.
She eats with them, dances with them, sings with them. She is of them. There is no line that separates her from them. She has so taken them into her arms that her heart and theirs are one.
I like Manay Judy because she will make sure EVERY SINGLE CENTAVO OF YOUR MONEY GOES TO WHERE IT OUGHT TO GO. NONE of that will line her pocket. NONE of that will go to the political party of her choosing. NONE OF THAT WILL BE STOLEN. A grand total of ZERO of that will go to a politician. She will guard it with her life.
I like Manay because she has brought back sanity to the system by refusing to make DSWD a political machinery—a means for politicians to promote themselves and more dangerous—as a means to manipulate and exploit the poor.
She is not going to be that DSWD Secretary who will use precious resources to make people do whatever it is she wants them to do for whatever nefarious ends she may want to achieve.
None of that shit with this woman.
I like Manay because under her watch, there will be no theft in the DSWD. Under her watch, anyone who steals—more so steals from the poor will get IT, BIG TIME from her. I know this for sure. So like our President, right?
I like Manay Judy because she knows the value of donations you give DSWD. She knows OFWs pool their hard earned money to share with their less fortunate kababayan and to do their part in working hand-in-hand with a CLEAN government. She will sooner cut off her arms than funnel those donations for anything other than where it is you guys ache for it to go: to our kababayan who are in their darkest hours.
I like Manay Judy because she’s like the President. They’re both into bigas. Like the president who has given her his full trust and who, I hear, loves her to the moon and back for the exemplary service she gives the people, Manay finds hunger of the poor PAINFUL AND UNBEARABLE.
I like Manay Judy because she is brilliant. I wish you guys can see for yourself how sharp she is. When she presides over meetings, I need to remind myself to breathe because I love watching just much of an awesome leader and executive she is. Someone who cuts through all the BS and endless ngawngaws and sees the bigger picture. And then gets things DONE.
I like Manay because she is kind as kind can be. I love how she tries her best to give the hardworking, tireless, compassionate employees of DSWD what is theirs by law. How she fights for them.
I like Manay because there is no one I know in government right now—except our President—who loves country the way she does.
I like Manay because when the Lumad arrived to camp out at the DSWD, she lost no time in inviting them to sit in the table and tell us their grievances.
I like how she is friend to Lumad, B’laan, T’boli, Ifugao, Manobo, farmers, fishermen, informal settlers, the poorest of the poor.
I like how they know she is their friend. And how, with her, they can unclench their fists.
I like how she is such a babaeng Digong.
I like Manay Judy because her walk and her talk are one.
She is our treasure, Philippines.
Demand that the CA #ConfirmJudy.

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