Digong’s Shining Gem

Why do we love Manay Judy?

Seems like a no-brainer, right? The woman is indefatiguable. If you see her work like I do—up close and personal—you will see that she is seized with an urgency to serve not just well but over and beyond the call of duty. She’s been that kid with the finger plugging the hole on the dike for so long –doing the little she can–because she knows we’ve been drowning as a nation.


Then suddenly, this kid’s been given not just a backhoe but a whole construction firm to fix that dam. And she is going at it full throttle, walang alinlangan, go lang ng go ang babaeng Digong.



And she’s like a whirling dervish going to places all over the country, all over the world to touch lives that need touching, doing her mighty part in fixing a badly torn country.


Last week she visited our female OFWs in Thailand who are in jail. Backtrack a bit and you will learn that there is a sizable number of our OFWs who are imprisoned. So not only are they far away from the loving embrace of their families and all things familiar, but that they have lost their freedoms and are incarcerated—and often unjustly. And often, without any hope of ever being freed. Forgotten, scared and abandoned. And so to have a government high official visit them—well, I hear they were quivering like leaves and sobbing like babies who just suddenly saw their mama.

That is our Secretary for you.


Did any of that land in the papers? I don’t truly know because I’ve not read those newspapers for over a decade now because I don’t like reading crap. So I wouldn’t be surprised if none of that saw print.

Doesn’t matter. She doesn’t do things for press release. She doesn’t do things to look good. She does them because it is the right and fair and compassionate thing to do.

The powerful message she sends to other governments too is that this is now a government that cares for its people.


I imagine right now the government of Thailand has sat up—quite startled at this unprecedented visit of a high ranking govt official– and is now looking at our imprisoned kababayans in a different light.


And let me tell you, the Secretary will do everything in her capacity to bring them home. I have no idea if she will succeed but she is out there slugging away. So much like the president she serves.

So we love Judy Taguiwalo for her heart, her fervor to do what’s right for our country. As a stand alone, she is awesome beyond belief for the good she does. But do you know why else we love her like a drowning man loves a salbabida?

She came after donkey, that’s why.

I suppose Manay ought to thank donkey for being this—the most horrifically indifferent, arrogant and incompetent DSWD secretary to ever cross our land so that whoever followed her would look good. Kahit siguro chonggong paraplegic.


But that a Judy Taguiwalo graced our beat up land filled with people with tired, tired hearts,–well, damn, let me wipe that tear that just rolled down my cheek. Makes you believe in Divine Intervention, doesn’t it? The gods and goddesses finally turning their gaze on us and having mercy and giving us one of their own to make up for all that gaddamshit we’ve had to endure in the hands of the Donkey-Noynoy-Mar disaster trifecta. Hence, the Goddess Judy and the Lord God Digong of Krizette now walk among us.

So we’re like that chick who had just come from an ex who treated her like dirt—someone she meant nothing to, was faithless and a user, fucked around- and then now has a husband who treats her like a precious gem. Who is hers and hers alone. Whose every waking hour is about her. Who can’t do enough for her. Whose dreams are his dreams too. And will do all he can so even when he’s gone, she and their children will be ok.

It is true—Haiyan was a first in the entire history of mankind. A disaster we could not have been prepared enough for even in the best of governments. But that it happened in one of the worst governments we’ve had magnified just how terribly self-absorbed, greedy, incompetent, indifferent those fucks were.

So yeah, Haiyan and donkey happened to us but Donkey/Noynoy/Mar was the bigger disaster, BY FAR.

Might forces are out to derail the President by refusing to give him Judy Taguiwalo on his team—because Judy is this administration’s shining gem. If I were the Liberal Party with all the crimes its committed against the Filipino people during Yolanda, I would pour money into making sure Judy stays out.

In the end, Manay Judy only has us.  I don’t even see her lobbying for herself.

And isn’t this what a democracy is all about? Power that emanates from the people. Sure, the Commission on Appointment is made up of powerful men and women. But unless you fully believe that you are more powerful than they are and that this power is not only enshrined in our Constitution but in our country’s very soul, we will be nothing more than sheep led to slaughter.

And I’d like to believe, that with all the things we’ve been through, with all the pain and grief we’ve had to endure, we are stronger and wiser now. That we now know and feel our power.


Digong owes his presidency to us. Despite the laughable lack of political machinery, he only had us to propel him to power. The president knows this. He’s said it a lot of times. He owes no one but the Filipino people.

That’s how powerful we’ve become.

We get to call this.




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