A Causa For Horror

Awards are a funny thing to me.

For the most part, I don’t get what the fuss is all about or why people attach so much significance to them. I’ve had medals in my life (all 2 of them haha hoyyy meron kahit na papano 😀 ) and they all landed in the basurahan at some point because I hate clutter. I have no idea what to do with them or why keeping them is of utmost importance.

For instance, I have no idea where my med school nor UP diplomas are and that hasn’t stopped me from being a doctor. And last I looked, I was still a graduate of that school.

Those awards/certificates/medals/honors don’t define me. Even with races I’ve ran.

I ran the race and crossed the finish line—that was always prize enough for me.

(Except for my New York City Marathon medal which I, to this day—years after I ran it, whisper sweet nothings to at bedtime. The rest have joined the Great Pile in the Sky. I care nothing for them.)

So all these fuss about the Honoris Causa that UP wants to confer on the President I find amusing. An honor, may I add, that he neither asked nor lobbied for.

I imagine this might have mildly surprised him as it did some of us. But I cannot, for the life of me, imagine this defining the president in any significant way. At most, I can only imagine him chuckling about it because, if I read him right, externals mean squat to this man.

And how is it an honor when you share this same ‘honor’ with plunderers and some of the most incompetent and the sorriest excuses for human beings who brought great ruin to our country? Noynoy Aquino, Ferdinand Marcos, Erap Estrada to name a few. Seems more like insult than honor to me really.

Just as comical to me are the harrumphing and posturing of UP grads because they don’t think this president worthy of this nothing-of-an-award from a school they think so highly of. And how them being UP graduates makes it of utmost importance that they take a clear stand about this. In the level of a moral imperative. An oratio imperata. Ganon. 😀

The equivalent of ‘you can’t sit with us’ with just a lot more high fallutin’ air all around it. “You’re not on the same level as us, no?” Mean girls kung baga. 😀

They are fully entitled to their opinion and of course  they have full access to as much democratic space they need to express themselves.

But really what I want is for them to sit down before they hurt themselves.

It’s a nothing award, guys and from a school I love but that I think you guys think too highly of—the very same way you think yourselves this country’s guardians of democracy and morality. And too, our intellectual superiors.

You can’t fight elitism on one hand and then feed it with the other.

So I’d walk away from this if I were the President. (As if he’d be the type to die to get this.)

You don’t need this, Mr President.

There are far worthier monuments  and they are built in the hearts of a grateful nation you’ve helped fortify—a nation that was once the sick man of Asia that has now gotten up –on shaky legs, yes but getting stronger as each day of your presidency passes.

You are honored in the lives you’ve touched and made better just because you are the kind of man and president that you are.

The stranded OFW who walked into his family’s embrace after years of fear and uncertainty in an inhospitable land because unlike past presidents, you did all you could to make this happen. The indigent child with cancer who bats for a complete cure because you’ve given generously where other presidents were greedy and indifferent . The domestic helper in HK who no longer fears being forced to risk her life by clambering on the edge of a high rise to clean her amo’s window.

Future generations of Filipinos living out the best versions of themselves in a country that can support them as they go about making their wildest dreams happen, no longer needing to fend for themselves from distant shores to make all that come to pass.

Let us leave the spiritless petty bourgeoisie to their shiny, meaningless toys and shallow lives where they attach earth shaking importance to things that don’t matter and where they drown in trivialities that could madden us if we inhabited the same world of despair they choose to inhabit.

Our country is ready to be reborn and we must–each of us– attend to her rebirth.

Tara na, sir. Chura lang nila. *Hold hands tayo.*



3 thoughts on “A Causa For Horror

  1. Ganda naman pagkasulat. Bourgeosie na hindi, very sincere and plain down to earth. Paean for a meaning award na pinasan nila kuno ng mga UP grads na may moral standards by virtue of their exclusive right to air grievances for those killed in EJK. Hoy, mga tamad, halughugin muna ninyo yang mga statistics ninyo at maghunos dili kayo! At sana, mag bon apetit na kayo at kainin ninyo yang award na hindi hiningi kahit pa courtesiya lang. Grabe, ano bang contribution ninyo sa nation building aber?

    To borrow this good writer’s last words, Tara na, sir. Chura lang nila. *Hold hands tayo.*” Mga eklat inggit!!


      1. Good luck friend sa pagsusulat! May your good tribe increase in defending the truth, not just the president per se.


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