Chow Time


And there were so many of those who hate this President who were certain as certain can be that when the President fired then-DILG chief Sueño, all that was a ruse—drama lang—and what it was TRULY was the President preparing to install BBM as DILG Sec.

These are the same folks who think they KNOW the President—have his whole number right down pat. “Wag nyo kaming lokohin. We know what you’re up to.” Then the usual buzz words: martial law, dictator, berdugo, blah blah blah blah blah..

This is one of those things I love about this President. Galing magpaikot ng pwet ng mga elitista at mga haters nya, that even as their butts are on fire, they have no clue, no freaking clue what it is he is up to. It is quite entertaining really. And ok, real pathetic. Hilong hilo sila sa Pangulong ito–na, kung hindi nyo pa alam, ay magaling mansutil.

There is a lesson in here somewhere that you might want to learn and it is this: you have no idea who Rodrigo Duterte is.

The monster you see is the monster that resides in your own heart. The shit you impute on this President is your own shit. He merely holds up a mirror to your face. Read those three sentences 10 times and stare into the ocean and ponder on it. That’s my gift for you.

And you who are blinded by your hate will never know him. Specially not the way we, who have chosen to open our minds and hearts to him know him.

There is this idiom that’s been looping in my mind since finding out, to my relief and then amusement, that BBM is not our DILG chief: “EAT CROW”. And what this means is when you take a really strong stand and are proven dead wrong then you ‘eat crow’ -out of humiliation.

There’s a line that has formed and I am asking those who were CERTAIN AS CERTAIN CAN BE—didn’t even entertain a single dollop of “I could be wrong.”—that Bongbong Marcos was going to be DILG Secretary, please take your place and bring your plates and knives and forks. Crow served! Come and get it while it’s hot.

Hahaha.. such clowns.

And here’s my pahabol– how certain am I that BBM will never be part of the Duterte Cabinet?

I have no freaking clue.

And the big difference between me and those haters is I don’t pretend to know.

I don’t make up worlds full of grief and chaos. The here and now is challenging enough. And I don’t hate on a President who, quite clearly, works his ass off for our country—and with GREAT results.


Pahiya kayo ano?
😀 😀 😀


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