Who Owns You?

For the longest time, we were led by our noses by mainstream media. We had no idea that when they said “Fetch!”, we fetched. And when they said, “Roll over and play dead!”, we rolled over and played dead.

So when they said, “The Aquinos are saints!”, why, that’s exactly what we thought. And when they said, “The Marcoses are singular in their brazen theft of our country’s coffers! The biggest thieves, ever! No one like them!”, why, that’s exactly what we thought: no other thieves in government but the Marcoses.

And I think that one of the most pathetic phases in my life was when I fought tooth and nail for Leni Robredo to be Vice President of this land. Imagine that. Lazy, inept, incompetent, shallower than a tansan half-filled with water, ambitious as hell, and all in all, EMPTY FLUFF. I actually campaigned and raised funds and voted for that airhead.

Then the internet came into our lives—and with it, the dawning of the Age of Information— and NOTHING has ever been the same again.

A world where bloggers like TP, Mocha Uson, Sass Sasot who write and do FB LIVE on a nickel get read and get far more engagements than multi-billionaire mainstream media outlets ABS CBN, GMA, Philstar, Inquirer, CNN –COMBINED. I shake my head at the amazement of it all.

And yet, we would be fools to underestimate mainstream media—now on its death bed, yes, but valiantly fighting for its life.

And though, in my opinion, the writing is on the wall and it won’t be long till Inquirer becomes nothing more than pambalot ng tinapa, like a man with nothing more to lose, mainstream media’s strategies have become more vicious and cunning. And desperate. (Maria Ressa doing FB live, for instance. I mean, COME ON! 😂😂😂)

The bigger danger is to think we are finally free from the clutches of MSM and their minions—when in reality, all we’ve been given is a bigger cage.

The illusion of freedom is, by and large, the more dangerous form of enslavement.

So we think we are so free and yet when Tito Sotto makes a gaffe, we can’t say enough about it. And more dangerous, we lose sight of what we must keep our eye on.

I was in Senate when he said his unfortunate ‘naano’ line. He was, in fact, in my direct line of vision. And so I saw that he wasn’t being nasty to Secretary Taguiwalo—that he hadn’t set out to viciously insult her. Which is why, right after the Secretary said her piece, she moved on.

Tito Sotto was just being Tito Sotto, in other words. Who were you expecting? Slavoj Zizek? In fact, he was eager to pull his punchline on the full-packed room. All it was was pathetic—not malicious. Maybe he misses Eat Bulaga, I dunno. And in fact, just before he said that, he had agreed to support the Secretary.

And yet it was all so many of us could talk about.

All mainstream media had to do was cherry pick that one sentence and reframe it for you so that, true enough, that was all you saw. You threw away context, nuance, a deeper understanding of the situation and more worrisome, this ability to focus on what truly matters about the confirmation of Sec Taguiwalo—which, to me, by the way, would be the theft of public coffers. Stealing from the poor and how we’re on the verge of losing a most excellent public servant. THAT ought to bend us over more than a former TV host’s lame joke.

Single parents are formidable. I’ve always considered them 10 cuts above the rest of us, mere mortals. A most un-funny joke is something they wouldn’t lose sleep over.

And yet, we who pride ourselves in finally knowing we were played all these years by the Aquinos, the Liberal Party,Mar, Donkey, the oligarchs, are once again being led by the nose by them and by other even more sinister and dark global forces. And all they need to do is throw a few lines at us southward and off we go to the south with our fists in the air.

If all it takes to set you off is one line by a most untalented comic and if all it takes for you to raise your fists in the air is one line fed you by mainstream media and their minions, and if all you’ve become is the pathetic fool who silences himself and others in the name of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS and think it the height of intellectual sophistication, then I am sorry to tell you but I can hear your chains rattling from a mile away.

You are nothing more than a puppet on a string who has NO IDEA who it is OWNS him and makes him dance this way and that—pulling and tugging at their strings.

The internet has made possible what we didn’t think possible—the unmasking of liars and the masquerading of the greediest and most heartless of bastards we thought were decent public servants. Let’s not waste this precious currency by trading our chains for yet another set of chains.

And what is the lesson about the sainted Aquinos—the ones who could do nothing wrong? What is the lesson about Renato Corona’s impeachment where we all cried for his blood (save the few independent thinkers among us)? What is the lesson to these idiots who come to my wall or tag me with their hate?

For me, it is this: to never lose my ability to THINK. And think independently. To NEVER be part of a mob—to, in fact, stand apart from the mob—because the mob is unthinking—and no matter if the mob seems to share my support and admiration for the President or my disdain for his perceived enemies. To never lose my ability to question and to do so fearlessly.

To be above the fray and shrug at the fools who think they have you in a box as small and puny as their minds. To know yourself so well that when they throw mud at you, you only need move a few inches away so they miss their trajectory and  end up sputtering and muddied besides.

To look these elitistas and their attack dogs in the eye and smile because they have no idea, no idea at all who it is you are and how far you’ve come and the whirling tempest you contain inside you. And that you will unleash when the time is right.

That, my dears, is REAL freedom and REAL power.

“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.” Viktor E. Frankl

Look at your arms and legs and search closely for the strings attached on them. Get some fucking scissors and then set yourselves FREE!


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