My President,A Man of Duty And Honor

I LOVE it so much when people criticize our President for fantastic non-issues. It makes me laugh with glee because then I see exactly the caliber of nincompoops he is dealing with. Then I heave a sigh of relief.

For instance, I saw Vicky Garchitorena’s tweet about how she thought the President’s no-show at the Independence Day rites and the Vin d’ Honneur was a “dereliction of his duty!” What I found even more comical was how she punctuated her tweet with exclamation points. I read too that other clown—Sonny Trillanes’ statement—about how lazy our President is for not waking up for this same event.

(Sorry I can’t quote them verbatim, I lost the quotes as soon as I saw them. That’s just how I treat trash.)

Never mind that the reason the President took a pass on those activities was because he was up all night and until the wee hours of the morning condoling with grieving widows and orphans of our fallen heroes. Imagine that.

In Vicky’s and Sonny’s minds, a President lending weight to the deaths of our soldiers and staying till the wee hours is of no importance. He should have, maybe, absconded on all that pakikiramay, go to bed early because you know, TV time tomorrow. Must sleep early.

And ooh-la-la, the sosyalan Vin d’ Honneur! Must not miss this, oui?

And maybe they have no idea that sleep is a physiological need—like oxygen– and that the President needs to sleep the way they do? More so this President who is no slacker and whose work ethic is unimpeachable and beyond reproach.


And isn’t it funny how intellectual lightweights have this illusion that they can bring down this President with exclamation points—as if the putting of those exclamation points in those non-issues will transform them into matters of great consequence.

And we need to help these lightweights.

No, clowns, that no-show is of no consequence. In the greater scheme of things, it doesn’t even merit half a glance. Certainly not an exclamation point.

Here is what should be grieving you: that our country is at war with itself. Once again and for all time. Filipinos killing Filipinos. Generations lost as young men go to war and then to their early graves and how, as we speak, widows and orphans weep over the dead bodies of their beloved husbands and fathers, our soldiers. And that they will now navigate their lives bereft of this beloved and strong presence.

There are no easy solutions when there are those among us who plot to overthrow a duly elected President and his government because they stand to lose the most when the rotten status quo that has favored the elite, the corrupt, and the criminal gets dislodged.

This President works himself to the bone and goes over and beyond what is expected of him. If there is anyone who is the most exacting taskmaster of this President, it is the President himself. Rodrigo Duterte asks of himself the Impossible —which is why he gets the impossible done.

So I love the wisdom he shows when he says, “Enough. I have to rest now.” I am deeply comforted that he chooses his battles well because this country needs for him to do exactly that. We have long stayed stuck in the mud – victims to the deadly trifecta of corruption, indifference and incompetence of public officials.

This President has the political will, the smarts, the heart, mind, soul to lead us out of the horrific mess we’ve been in for ages.

I love that he takes good care of himself because the alternative, in the event of a water landing, Leni Robredo, is just plain scaryshit for her lazy incompetence. The idea of a President Leni Robredo makes me want to run batshit crazy, screaming down the halls with my hair were on fire. HELPPP!! SUNOOOOGGG!

So thank you for taking good care of yourself, Mr. President. Please do so as needed. Please. Parang awa mo na!!

I have come to accept that this poor benighted land of ours is dotted with elitist dolts who would rather have a useless president look decent as he smartly salutes our flag in Independence Day rites but will not lend weight to the deaths of our fallen soldiers and putting the full majesty of the Office of the President behind those deaths when he meets the bodies of our heroes and comforts their grieving families.

A President who merely mimics how a president looks like but is an obscenity for the heartless indifference he shows its heroes.

I spit on you, Noynoy Aquino, in behalf of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and this entire country!

The Vickies and Sonnies of this country would rather their president go to a car factory launch as bodies of those who put themselves on the line for Country fall and as their bodies lie inside their coffins with the Philippine flag draped over it—just as long as he goes live on TV in full attendance during Independence Day rites that achieves absolutely nothing substantial for this country.

Appearances. Above all else, appearances!

Sonny and Vicky think the President was derelict on his duties because they have no clue how ‘duty’ looks like and what it is. ‘Duty’ is just a word they bandy about and something read in some half-remembered torn dictionary of long-ago.

What they think it is is the wearing of nice clothes and the marching down a  red carpet then a snappy salute. (aka the Leni Robredo definition of ‘duty’) That’s about the extent of what ‘duty’ means to them.

They ought to take a hard look at this man, our President, as he drags his tired 72 year old body that carries the full weight of our country—-to condole and to comfort, to wipe away tears, to embrace. To lend meaning to what is so hard to make sense of. And then to bury heroes as the last taps are played and the 21-gun salute is fired and then to hand over the folded flag to the soldiers’ widows and orphans.

To stand firm even as he has to bear the pain of the consequences of those hard decisions he’s made.

Then they would need to take a look at the faces in the coffin. Men and women who have, all their lives, given of themselves in ways a lot of us don’t. They leave family and comfort and go to where it is they are sent and they do so with not a peep of protest.

And when it gets to the point where they are asked to offer up their lives for country, there will be no kicking and screaming in protest for them. They take their place and they do so with honor, courage and dignity.

These same men and women –honorable, courageous, true–hold our President in high esteem and they do so because they both speak the same languge of duty and honor. Something these buffoons know nothing of.

And maybe they have nothing else to throw at this President. So they make do with the precious little they can hang him for and pound on it with their exclamations points, hoping against hope they can exclamation point some life into such a dead non-issue.

Such clowns.



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