The Beloved Commander-In-Chief

Some of you know my husband is a PMA graduate (Class 87) and that some of our closest friends are his classmates and their beautiful wives—no matter if my husband has joined the private sector. We remain steady pillars in each others’ lives—our children growing up alongside each other and being each other’s buddies as well.

Our respect and admiration for them has grown through the years because we know so well the kind of sacrifices they and their families go through for country. I have never seen a more dutiful group. And whether or not I agree with them, my respect and admiration—and yes, appreciation for them and the role they play in keeping our country together has hardly wavered.

They are my tribe—beloved by me and my husband. So let me tell you what you may not know yet.


Our President is beloved by the Armed Forces of the Philippines. Not 100%. But close. And I daresay, the respect, admiration, trust and loyalty of the AFP for this President is unprecedented.

And their wives? (There are women and members of the LGB in the AFP, no less brave, no less able than the men. I am just not privy to their partner’s sentiments while some of my closest friends are the wives of my husband’s PMA classmates and I know how they feel about our President.)

He is their rock star—which seems counter intuitive because he’s the guy who sends their beloved husbands away from them and in harm’s way. And yet they turn to mush when he’s around.

And it is because they sense the sincerity of the President in his appreciation, admiration and respect for their husbands. It is the kind of respect they’ve never before felt from other presidents.


Certainly not from the hijo de la gran puta who could not be bothered to meet the bodies of the fallen soldiers. Nor the others before him who could only mouth empty platitudes and then treated them like shit (no combat boots, no guns, inhumane food allowance  etc).
The President is the kind of leader they will follow to the ends of the earth because he will go to the ends of the earth with them and not be the effete elitist who will not dirty his hands and who will let them die like flies while he does nothing.

And then when they fall in the night, will not comfort their widows and orphans and will not lend weight to their deaths by meeting their bodies the way even the worst of Presidents do because any idiot knows this is the DUTY of a President.

This President will not ask of them what he himself will not give first.

That’s the kind of Commander-in-Chief our President is.

So when anyone has the gall to talk about ‘duty’ and the dereliction of it, I suggest they first look at the brave men and women of the AFP and the President who has earned their utmost loyalty, admiration and respect.

And I’d like to know if they will pass muster with the 150,000 strong AFP the way our President has—and in flying colors.

(As a quick aside, Sonny Trillanes will not pass 2 seconds of this test. A most ostracized and despised figure by the AFP. Someone not even welcome in his own alma mater, the PMA which is why he hardly goes there. To our relief.)


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