Uncle Sam’s Basurera

I am not, by nature, a competitive person.
But when I attend international conferences, I am at my best. Feeling ko nasa Ms Universe pageant ako so not only am I on time, I am early (a HUGE thing for me. Ask my friends har har..). And I come prepared –with stats up to my eyeballs. And I participate, making sure I bring something of value to the table. (Question and answer portion kung baga.) And that I bring home something of value too from those conferences. (What else but world peace? :D)
And I speak the language of victors and take the stance of the unvanquished–taking a seat at the table and giving everyone a firm handshake. And when I speak, I do so clearly as I look whoever it is I’m talking to in the eye.
I know I am not there for myself but for my Country.
Yes, I have a chip the size of China on my shoulder haha—for all those times my Country was looked down on and treated with disrespect by those who have subjugated us and those who continue to heap abuses on our hapless kababayans all over the world and treat us like second class citizens.
I am there to even out an historically inequitable situation for us in my own way.
So to hear the Vice President of this Land blithely say she picks on the garbage of Americans—colonial masters of recent times– pains me to my deepest, darkest depths.
It is such a striking metaphor for what our country has been to America–garbage–and such a striking metaphor to what Leni Robredo is: Uncle Sam’s garbage collector.
And until the unprecedented happened and a Filipino President said to them, “Fuck you, America.” and backed it up with powerful action, all we knew to do was bow down to the great god, USA.
You’d think that would be the end of it.
But no, the second highest official of the land heaps burning coals on our head by proclaiming she picks through America’s garbage–and she does this with a lilt in her voice like it’s the most natural thing in the world for Filipinos to be happyhappyjoyjoy with America’s trash thrown her way. Ang sakit talaga.
“Oh look at this beat up sofa with American boogers on them. What a find! Yey!”
She thinks nothing of disgracing the Office of the Vice President of Republic of the Philippines. And she thinks nothing of shaming the Filipino people. Masunod lang kung ano mang bulok na agenda meron sha. Kabwisit talaga.
And I know that sometimes the President does that to the disente crowd and even to some of us who support him: shame us in the international arena.
But here’s the big difference:
Duterte errs on the side of Sovereignty (“Fuck you, America.”) while Leni errs on the side of Servitude. (“Kleng, kleng, basura kayo jannnn!”)
Big diff.
And I have a great imagination but I just don’t see him do anything but swagger where other nations who look down on us are concerned. And what amazing things that swagger has achieved for our country!
And pick on USA’s throw-aways? Never happening with this President. Never ever. He’s so mayabang about our Country that he’s made so many of us so mayabang about our Country too.

The stark imagery of the Vice President picking on a pile of America’s castoffs though, on the other hand, just makes me burn in shame. Put me in the international arena and like I said, I become real mayabang about our country.

It’s not because I identify myself with Leni Robredo (O hmygoodheavens. Pak No.)but that she is Vice President of my Country–something I don’t think she has a keen appreciation of. The weight of that office.

So I’m sashaying in front of  a guy who treated me like dirt and I’m dressed like it’s New York Fashion Week complete with wild kembot and sharp turumpo turns then suddenly my lola screams at me, “GARAMPINGAT! LUTGARDA!! NAKOLEKTA MO NA BA KANIN BABOY NATIN??”

From New York to kanin baboy in 2 seconds flat. That’s what this shameful VP just did to us here.

She shows us, in such stark imagery, what role she loves to play: America’s basurera who relentlessly tries to bring our country down by doing the dirty job for her American masters: from Loida Lewis to the out-of-touch-stuck-in-the-70s ex-Pinoys she hobnobs with who think it is their goddamn right to not only talk down on us —but, too, to try to bring down a duly-elected President of the Republic.
Someone ought to sit this woman down and give her some clue.
Wake her up to the fact that no one but her most ardent and blindest of followers are buying her phoney “Awwwwww shucks I’m so simple” act.
The Filipino people have overdosed on last elections’ biggest fake, Mar Roxas, and are still not over his phoney baloney moves.

So give that basurera act a rest, Leni.

It sickens.


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