Uncle Sam’s Basurera Part 2

After writing “Uncle Sam’s Basurera”, I thought that would be it.

It was a simple enough message: the Vice President of a sovereign country shouldn’t be dumpster diving –and more so in the trash heap of a country that had us under their thumb and in chains for over a century—the United States of America.

And I thought too that it was such an apt and painful metaphor for this pesky VP who has done nothing but try to bring down a duly elected President of the Republic of the Philippines. We’ve been trying so hard to get out of the dark hole that we’ve been stuck in for ages and just when we get a foothold, there is this hand that claws us back into that dark hole and that hand is the hand of the Vice President of this land.

I didn’t think I needed to clarify but it seems like the puppet masters—mainstream media financed by the Unseen Hand– are in full force so the unhinking minions see what the puppet masters want them to see and they dance this way and that, their limbs flailing all over the place. So without further ado~~



I’ll give you a prize if you guess right. A brand new LV bag worth 67k (Not sure how much exactly. You would need to ask the VP as she has a bag exactly like that.)

Shake your pretty little head. No it isn’t.

Is it about how shameful dumpster diving is? Or how shameful it is to use 2nd hand furniture, etc?

I’ll give you another prize if you get it. Brand new Ferragamo ‘s worth 700 USD or in PhP, 35K. Wow. (Yung suot ni Leni when she visited victims of Typhoon Nina—after her winter holiday in New York.)

Come on now, don’t be dim. Think.

Shake that pretty little head of yours again because NO it isn’t.

Is it about frugality/simplicity/not being materialistic?

You can bet Leni’s Ferragamos it isn’t.

Is it about Leni’s mothering? Motherhood is sacred to me so shush your pretty little mouths about this. We do not go there. (And my heartiest congratulations to her daughter. Great job! Have fun!)

Is it about YOU?

So if you, for example, took your masters in the US and you did this too because it’s a tradition. Or because you buy 2nd hand stuff and love it. Or because you think dumpster diving is the way to go. Or that your mother taught you this.

I know. You must be dizzy by now but still you gotta shake that pretty little head of yours. Because it isn’t about you.


Unless you were once a Vice President of a sovereign nation and you riffled through the 2nd hand stuff of a country that held the country you are VP of by a chokehold.

Well, are ya? If you aren’t, then shush your little mouth. This isn’t about all that.

So what is this about? I shall try my darndest to simplify it as much as I can.

#1 This is about the cynical attempts at portraying Leni Robredo as simple. Sorry, the contrived image of a simple Leni has long been dispelled. It is a myth. Just as the image of saintly Aquinos has long been smashed to bits. No one is buying it anymore. Alam na, in other words. Leni Robredo has a liking for the finer things in life and there are heaps of proof about this. Age of Information, baby. So, don’t make gago the people.

#2 This is about the Vice President of the Republic of the Philippines going through refuse of the United States of America. A country that has, for over a century now, been the Philippines’ overlord. ITS IMPERIALIST. ITS OPPRESSOR.


You know that song, “ibon mang may layang lumipad, kulungin mo at umiiyak’?

Tayo? Ibon.

America? Kulungan.

And then you have this VP being all giddy with their castoffs. Wala shang dangal at dahil VP sha ng Pilipinas, inalisan nya tayo ng dangal.

And how we were bowed down and subjugated and we had to make do with whatever 2nd hand shit America threw our way. FOR AGES.


So yes, the President makes some of us cringe in the international stage but the President errs on the side of NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY while the VP errs on the side of NATIONAL ENSLAVEMENT.

And it doesn’t help at all that this Vice President is someone who pals around with Loida Nicolas and other walang modo ex-Pinoys to bring our country down.

And it doesn’t help at all that her track record is of someone hellbent on toppling this Presidency. (Besides, of course, the shallowness, mediocrity, laziness, incompetence and the indifference that seems to be second nature to her.)

So there you go, chicks. When I call her Uncle Sam’s basurera, that is exactly what I mean.

Leni Robredo is America’s basurera—doing the dirty job her colonial masters want her to do. And she does it happily even, with hardly a thought.

That’s my opinion. And I am entitled to it.

It’s not about the environment.
It’s not about recycling.
It’s not about buying 2nd hand furniture.
It’s not about you when you did your Masters in the US.(Unless you were VP of the Philippines then.)

But about a Vice President of a sovereign nation—the Republic of the Philippines– riffling through a colonial masters’ castoffs and then, too, the cynical lie being fed us that she is aww shucks so simple.

Coffee, anyone?



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