Mga Walang Modo (aka Uncle Sam’s Basurera Part 4)

There is this bunch of Filipinos who no longer live here but continue to wish us well. Some of them have become close friends of mine and they’ve been our priceless kakapit bisig. I don’t think I’ll ever get to that point where I will stop being amazed at how they continue to love the country of their birth no matter how comfortable their lives have become.

They don’t presume to know more than we, who have staked our lives in this country, do and so they ASK. And then they LISTEN. And then they put their money where their mouths are—sending donations, battling alongside us—online because the battle lines have shifted here. And by sincerely wishing us well.

And then there is this bunch of ex-Pinoys who, for some time now, have given me massive stomach upset each time they weigh in on our country. They speak as if they know, far better than we do, our own reality. They talk down on us and they lecture and they hector.

And yet all they know about Rodrigo Duterte is whatever Western media has fed them. YAIKS. Hair on fire!

They think they are well within their rights to meddle in our affairs—from the Doña Victorinas na mga langaw na nakaupo sa kalabaw—alam nyo yon? Yung mga naka LV na bawat start ng sentence “Walang ganyan sa America…” or, “Hay kayong mga Pilipinoooo…”, shake shake shake of head.


Lately, they’ve had a bit of sophistication and don’t say it out loud. Pero bawat himaymay ng katauhan nila, ramdam na ramdam mo ang kababaan ng tingin nila sa mga dati nilang mga kababayan.

Mga tanga din eh.

Pagpasenshahan na natin—lumaki kasi yang mga yan sa “Ey is for Eypol” school of thought and “America/Australia/whatever da byootipool. Must leave this dumpster of a country and gow derr.” No matter if they are second class citizens of their adopted country. They know it, we know it. That’s the pain of their existences—2nd class forever.

So maybe they need to feel first class and turn to us for that experience.

And because of the dawning of the Age of Internet, they are virtually back on Philippine soil –even as they sit their fat American/Australian/European butts  on first world sofas.

And if you ask them “9 out of 10 Filipinos who actually live in the Philippines approve/trust this President. What does that say to you?”, it is as if they don’t hear it.

And I don’t think they do. They are in a world of their own. In a bubble where they see what they want to see and hear what they want to hear.

Actually, WHERE THEY SEE WHAT THE UNSEEN HAND WANTS THEM TO SEE. Unlike us who walk our own streets at night and who renew our licenses here and who use our own airports. And who RAISE OUR CHILDREN HERE.

And you get the feeling that NOTHING will make them happier than to be proven right about their doomsday scenarios about the land they long ago abandoned– and just for the satisfaction of being proven right.


And then there are the higher-tiered walang modos: the American billionaire Loida Nicolas Lewis and company. The financiers of media who pull the puppets’ strings so they dance this way and that to the tune of their choosing for the poor, unthinking mob who harbor the illusion that they are the Motherland’s freedom fighters when all they are are puppets on a string.

Is there a Bigger Hand behind this concerted effort  to take down the President?

You can bet Loida’s sweet tootsies there is. And not just one.

Doesn’t hurt their cause that they have a most powerful ally with them– the Vice President of this Country who pals with them and does the dirty job for them.

Uncle Sam’s basurera, Vice President Leni Robredo.
I am convinced that each day Rodrigo Duterte sits as our President, that danger will always be there.

But each day that he wins big and small victories for us, we are getting stronger.

And I am so proud of us because he is able to do his job exceedingly well because we’ve kept a united front and protected and defended our President—the duly-elected President of the Republic of the Philippines.

And we’ve defended him so well that these walang modos, big and small, look quite comical now.

Yey! Good job my kababayans!

Upwards and onwards, Philippines!


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